What are Artists’ Books?

Artists’ Books may range from the interpretation of a classic work of literature in a sculptural format to a traditional volume that has been physically altered to give it new meaning. Infinite in form and subject, their creators often use traditional fine arts concepts such as collage to express their ideas.  An art form that has grown exponentially over the last forty years, artists’ books are often created as unique works or in small editions by private presses.

How to Search Artists’ Books

Artists’ books can be searched by title, author and/or book artist, contributor, such as illustrator, photographer, paper maker, box maker, and by printer, publisher or press. Artists’ books come in a variety of formats, including accordion fold, tunnel books, pop-ups, flip books, flag structures, and miniature books that can be searched in the genre field. The phrase “artists’ books” is a genre and using this search term will result in a complete listing of all artists’ books held by the library. Lafayette’s Artists’ Books Collection has strengths in the following areas: