Special Collections & College Archives houses over 200 manuscript, art, and artifact collections of national scope. Holdings relate to the Marquis de Lafayette; Lafayette College faculty and alumni; and American artists, politicians, and businesses of note.

Asian Collections

Now open to researchers

Compiled over decades and more recently augmented by the generous donations the Gerald & Rella Warner family, Dallas Finn, Richard J. Mammana, Janice Matsumura, and Suzy Cincone, these collections are now fully processed and feature a wide array of pictorial works. Postcards, photograph albums, slides, negatives, stereograph cards, manuscripts, currency and stamps, patriotic poetry, and card games document Asian history and culture ca. 1894-1952. Focus areas include the Russo-Japanese War (1894-95), Sino-Japanese War (1937-1945), Dutch East Indies, Manchuria, and Taiwan.

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