Lafayette College Special Collections and College Archives is documenting the historic impact of COVID-19 on the Lafayette community. We’re asking our alumni, current students, faculty, and staff to consider documenting their experiences during the COVID-19 pandemic to add to College Archives.

What to submit?

Submissions should detail how the coronavirus has impacted your perspective on life, education, and the world.

  • How have you adjusted to changes in your academic and social life?
  • Consider keeping a journal that could be transferred to College Archives in the fall semester.
  • If you are working on a project related to the epidemic, please reach out to discuss how this work might be preserved for the future.
  • Add to the archive by sharing items that tell your story.

    Contact us

    Learn more about how you can contribute physical and digital material to the COVID-19: Add to the Archives project. Email for a consultation with our archivists.

    Help Collect Websites!

    Are you aware of web content on the COVID-19 pandemic that should be preserved?

    The Internet Archive's Archive-It service is collaborating with the Internet Preservation Consortium to archive web-published resources related to the ongoing Novel Coronavirus (COVID-19) outbreak

    Learn more about this project and how to nominate web content