Artists’ Books can be searched beyond just Author and Title. You may search for book artist, book contributor, and book press under Author in the Library Catalog. In addition, you can search formats under Genre and topically under Subject.

Search by:

  • Author/Creator: In the Author field, you may search for a known author (Oscar Wilde, Edgar Allan Poe) whose work has been captured in an artist’s book; additionally, you may search for a particular book artist (Lois Morrison) who has created original work or text and is considered the “author” of the piece.
  • Contributor: An individual who has contributed to the work such as a papermaker, printer, binder, boxmaker, illustrator, or photographer can be searched in the Author field.
  • Publisher/Press: The Artists’ Books Collection includes works published by many well-known private presses such as Flying Fish Press, Ninja Press, and Granary Books, as well as those that have been self-published by the creator. The names of these presses can also be searched in the Author field.
  • Genre: Artists’ books come in a variety of creative formats, including accordion fold, miniature books, tunnel books, pop-ups, toy and movable books, flip books, and alphabet books. These terms can be searched in the Genre field. The phrase “artists’ books” is a genre and using this search term will give you a complete listing of all artists’ books held by the library.
  • Subject: Many artists’ books cover specific topics such as women and gender issues, war, the environment, literary works, photography, social and political commentary, and race relations. A sampling of specific search terms within these subject areas include feminism, marriage, sex role, the Iraq War, environmental responsibility, protest literature, English poetry, children’s poetry, photography of women, lynching, slaves, and immigration. The collection offers books in other subject areas such as quilting, trees, Buddhism, and masks. You can also use the Subject term “artists’ books” to search the Catalog for books on the history of artists’ books, exhibitions, and catalogs.