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The manuscript, written by high ranking notary Edme-Hilaire Garnier Deschêner, includes Reglement et police pour la preséntation et nomination de la Bonne Fille, due Bonne Vieillard, de la Bonne Mere & du Bon chef de famille et pour les cérémonies de la fête des bonnes Gens en la paroisse de Canon, baillage de falaise, généralité d’Alenc̦on. The notarial deed specifies the regulations concerning the Fête des Bonnes Gens de Canon to be held in the garden of Mr. and Mrs. Elie de Beaumont’s residence in Canon, Normandy. Anne-Louise Élie de Beaumont was a woman of letters and heir to the Canon estate. Her husband was famous lawyer Jean-Baptise-Jacques, who was friends with Voltaire. The manuscript reads as Anne-Louise’s philosophical treatise setting out moralistic ideals for society. She wished to create an Enlightened utopia for the people living on the estate and its surroundings. The festival was repeated annually and subsequently several localities imitated Canon’s activities.