1789 & 1790 son fils [French Revolutionary Play], ca. 1790
Acari Iron Ore Project photograph album
Adrienne Club Records, 1941-1988
Alpha Phi Omega. Alpha Chapter Records, 1925-1990
Alsace-Lorraine Postcard Collection, 1904-1946, bulk 1900-1918
American Friends of Lafayette Records, 1930-
Angling Record Books, 1929-1951
Appel, Benjamin, Papers, 1932-1976
Asian Miscellany, 1894-1952
Association of Black Collegians (ABC) records
Atomic Bomb Testing Images, 1945-1953
Babcock, Sumner H., Letters, 1920-1921
Bannatyne, Amelia Ann. Sketch of Rev. David Bishop, 1876
Batdorf, Harvey S., Class of 1928, Scrapbook, 1924-1928
Beaumont, Anne-Louise Élie de, Fête des Bonnes Gens Manuscript, 1775
Bishop, Reverend David, sketch, 1876
Brainerd Society Records, 1833-1992 (bulk 1833-1956)
Brakeley, John H. Letters, 1840-1847
Brown, W. Edward, Papers, 1927-1973
California (Whaler) Ship’s Log, 1858-1860
Cattell, William Ashburner, Class of 1884, Scrapbook, 1880-1884
Cattell, William Cassady, diaries and notebook, 1856-1881
Cheney, John Milton, Diary, 1824-1825
Chi Phi, Rho Chapter Association Minute Book, 1961-1963
Christy, Howard Chandler, Papers, 1873-2001
Class of 1887 Scrapbook, 1884-1887
Class of 1909 Scrapbook, 1906-1909
Closs, Frederic T., Papers, 1958-1985
Coffin, James H., Mathematical theory of the moon’s motions, an unpublished work, 1843
Coffin, James Henry, synopsis of journal and correspondence
College World Series Scrapbook, 1953-1966
Committee of Observation and Inspection of Northampton County (Pa.), Minutes, 1774-1777
Conrad, James Ray. Diary, 1912
Conrad, Warren John, Class of 1910, Scrapbook, 1906-1910
Copley, Helen, Christy Collection, 1899-2005
Courtis, Abel Gardner, Gleanings of an ocean voyage: an address delivered before Howard Temple of Honor, No. 10, on the Evenings of Sept. 23d, 1872 & Jan. 6th, 1873, by a Member of the Order
Covode, John Alexander, Class of 1876, Scrapbook, 1871-1876
Crane, Stephen, Collection Acquisition Papers, 1925-1960
Crawford, James P., teaching and administrative files, 1961-1996, (bulk 1976-1991)
Delta Kappa Epsilon letter-book, 1855-1871
Detwiller, Frederick K, Papers, 1900-1965
Dieffenbacher, Robert Lloyd, Class of 1927, Scrapbook, 1923-1927
Dīvān-i Jāmī [manuscript], 1515-1516
Dixie Cup Company Collection, Hugh Moore, 1905-2008 (bulk 1910-1957)
Edwards, Leno William, Class of 1895, Scrapbook, 1891-1895
Eighth United States Army Special Services Hotels in Japan
Evans, Joseph Raymond “Kip,” Class of 1917, Scrapbook, 1913-1917
Fager, Edwin James, Class of 1913, Scrapbook, 1909-1983
Farr, Jesse Franklin, Class of 1938, Scrapbook, 1937-1938
Ficke, Hermann Styles, Class of 1902, Scrapbook, 1898-1902
Fisher, Horatio Gates, Letters, 1855-1887
Foster, William K. Letters, 1893-1895
Frank, Helen, Master Print Collection, 1949-2014
Franklin Literary Society Records, 1831-1922
Gaertner, Johannes A., Papers, 1947-1977
Gayley, Thomas Gardner, Diary, 1850-1853
Gilmer, Albert Hatton, Lafayette, We Are Here! Collection, 1917-1951
Glover, Robert Van Valzah, Class of 1907, Scrapbook, 1903-1917
Gordon, Clarence McCheyne, Papers, 1931-1933
Gray, John, Collection, 1822-1866
Green, William L., III, Letters, 1945
Groves, Walter A. and Estelle Crawford, Papers, 1925-1930
Guy, Walter Bohrer, Class of 1905, Scrapbook, 1901-1908
Hall, Alice Marion, Novel, 1960s
Hand, Aaron Hicks, Minister’s books, 1877-1879
Hart, Edward, Papers, 1914 – 1922 (bulk undated)
Heckman, Adam, Assessor’s book, 1818
Helen Augusta (Bark) Ship’s Log, 1852-1854
Helffenstein, Benjamin W., Notebooks, 1820-1841
Hertzog, Walter Sylvester, Class of 1904, Scrapbook, 1900-1904
Hess, Orvan W., Collection, 1942-2002
Hindmarch, Preston Keith, Prints Collection, 2004-2018
Historica gráfica de los episodios revolucionarios cigarette cards, 1930-1934
Hoffenstein, Samuel Goodman, Papers, 1923-1937
Hotchkiss, Burton, Class of 1910, Scrapbook, 1906-1910
Hower, David Leonard, Class of 1892, Scrapbook, 1888-1896
Hubley, Walter Winfield, Class of 1900, Scrapbook, 1896-1937
Hutchison, Ralph Cooper, Class of 1918, Scrapbook, 1914-1950
Imperial Postcard Collection, 1900-1945
Ingersoll Co., T. W., Stereoviews of the Siege of Port Arthur, 1904-1905
Irmschler, Frank Henry, Class of 1910, Scrapbook, 1906-1910
James Ray Conrad diary, 1912.
Japanese Imperial House Postcard Album, 1928
Jones, Thomas D. Mill Creek Coal Company Records, 1880-1906
Kazinski, Sandra, Class of 1985, Scrapbook, 1983-1984
King, Angelica, Photograph Collection, 1920-1942
Kirby Family Collection, 1909-1988
Kressler, Kenneth Farrington, Letters, 1917-1919
Kunkel, Beverly Waugh, Letters, 1915-1919
Lafayette College Centennial Celebration, Scrapbook, May 15-21, 1932
Lafayette College coeducation and black experience oral history interviews
Lafayette College Faculty Plays Collection, 1938-1986
Lafayette College meteorological records, 1849-1909
Lafayette College Music Collection, 1875-
Lafayette College Photograph Collection, 1858-
Lafayette College Scrapbook No. 1, 1890-1924
Lafayette College Scrapbook No. 2, 1898-1931
Lafayette Statue in Hartford Connecticut, Collection Related to the Bronzing, 1931-1932
Lafayette, Marquis de, Collections, 1777-
Lanterman, William Stanley, Class of 1909, Scrapbook, 1904-1909
Latta, Samuel Whitehill, Letters, 1869-1870
Laub, Herbert Franklin, Class of 1903, Scrapbook, 1898-1906
Lerch, Rush Tilghman, Class of 1907, Scrapbook, 1903-1907
Linné Lyceum Records, 1845-1848
Lusardi, James Proctor, Papers, 1950-2002
Mammana, Richard, Japanese Empire Postcard Collection, 1905-1945
March, Francis A., Collection, 1858-1897
Martin, James L, Papers, 1957-1999
McCleary, John Franklin and Lila Pittenger, Letters, 1950-1970
Meyner, Robert B. and Helen Stevenson, Papers, 1910-1998 (bulk 1930-1978)
Miscellaneous 20th Century Japan Postcard Album, 1920-1950
Moore, Harry L. Papers, ca. 1920s – 1933
Morrison, Joseph, Class of 1905, Scrapbook, 1901-1964
Neighbour, James Hance, Class of 1916, Scrapbook, 1912-1916
Newkirk, Nathaniel Reeves, writings and papers, 1936-1854
Notre Dame de Paris Photograph Album, ca. 1908
Officer, Charles Thomas, Class of 1878, Scrapbook, 1875-1878
Pacific War Postcards, 1945-1946
Pardee, Calvin, Papers, 1856-1861
Pardee, Israel Platt, Diaries, 1869-1880 (bulk 1869-1870)
Pardee, Mary Allison, Diary, 1871
Peck, Frederick Burritt, Photographic Collection, 1893-ca. 1915
Persian Photograph Album, Abadan, ca. 1927
Pharmaceutical Notebook, 1842-1876
Phi Beta Kappa record book of the Gamma Chapter in Pennsylvania
Pope, Earl A., Papers, 1828-2003
Porter Family Papers, 1800-1918
Porter, Thomas Conrad, Papers, 1834-1903
Reibman, Jeanette, Papers, 1955-1998
Richards, Sophia M., Family Letters, 1824-1888
Riley, Samuel Miller, Class of 1874, Scrapbook, 1958-1876
Rinehart, Charles R, Photograph Collection, ca. 1890s-1930s
Roberts, William F. Mineral Surveys, 1846-1852
Rogers, Hugh, Photograph Collection, 1983-1991
Rumbaugh, John Herbert, Class of 1911, Scrapbook, 1906-1909
Rupert, Claude, China Image Collection, 1944-1948
Scheibley, Franklin McClay, Class of 1898, Scrapbook, 1896-1898
Seal, Harold Schuyler, Class of 1921, Scrapbook, 1917-1921
Shakespeare Bulletin Records, 1982-2003
Sharpless, Richard, oral history interviews, 1991-1995
Sigma Alpha Epsilon Fraternity. Gamma Chapter Membership Records, 1966-1976
Simanton, Ephraim, compositions, 1842-1845
Simon, William E, Papers, 1964-1971; 1977-1992
Simon, William E, Papers, 1972-1977
Sino-Japanese War Pictorial Album, 1944
Sino-Japanese War Postcard Album 1, ca. 1941
Sino-Japanese War Postcard Album 2, ca. 1941
Smillie, Frederick B., Instruction Manual for Air Raid Wardens, 1942
Snyder, Earle Spader, Class of 1917, Scrapbook, 1914-1917
Stableford, Louis T, Papers, ca. 1933-1983
Starr, Frederick, diaries, 1880-1883
Strong, Austin, Liberty Collection, 1931-1945
Student Army Training Corps Records, 1918-1919
Sven Saaler Japanese bronze statuary postcard collection, ca. 1900-1940
Tau Beta Pi Chapter Records, 1921-1956
Teetsell, Lewis Grant, Class of 1915, Scrapbook, 1911-1915
Theta Delta Chi. Phi Charge Records, 1870-1983
Tilghman, William, Collection, 1794-1828
Torrey, Reuben Archer, Jr., Glass Plate Negative Collection, ca. 1906-1910
Trans-Iranian Railway construction photograph album, 1930-1933
Trout, Robert W, Scrapbooks, 1945-2001 (bulk 1945-1946)
Tsubokura Russo-Japanese War Postcard Album, 1904-1906
Tupper Family Papers, 1891-1959
Vitelli, James R., Papers, 1965-1975
Walk, James Wilson Papers, 1866-1918
Warner, Gerald & Rella, Japan Slides, 1947-1951
Warner, Gerald & Rella, Negative Collection, 1934-1941
Warner, Gerald & Rella, Souvenirs of Beijing and Tokyo, 1928-1952
Warner, Gerald, Taiwan Image Collection, 1937-1941
Washington Literary Society Records, 1835-1922
Welles, Albert Hunt, Class of 1889, Scrapbook, 1885-1890
Welles, Edward M., Letters and Papers, 1846-1916
World War I France Postcard Collection, 1914-1919
World War II Combat Leaflets, 1944-1945
World War II Poster Collection, 1941-1945
Yeomans, John William, Correspondence, 1839-1853
Youells, Benjamin Mettler, Collection, 1845-1910
Zeta Psi Fraternity. Tau Chapter Alumni Association Records, 1953-2010
Zeta Psi Fraternity. Tau Chapter Records, 1886-1925