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Clarence McCheyne Gordon, Professor of Physics from 1909 to 1947, was born in Fannettsburg, PA in 1870. He was the son of Jeremiah Smith Gordon, a Presbyterian minister, and Margaret Beatty Kyle. Gordon received undergraduate and master’s degrees from Princeton University in 1891 and 1893. Following two years at Williams College (1893-1895), he attended the University of Gottingen, Germany; in 1897, he received the Ph.D. Prior to Lafayette College, he taught at Harvard University (1897-1898) and Centre College of Central University, Danville, KY (1898-1909). At Lafayette, Gordon succeeded James W. Moore as Head of the Engineering Physics department. A member of the American Physical Society, Gordon prepared a laboratory manual, Experiments in General Physics. Upon his retirement from Lafayette, he moved to Danville, KY. Gordon and his wife, Amie Beber Lanier, had one daughter, Margaret Lanier Gordon. He died in 1961.