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Edward Hart was born in Doylestown, PA, on November 18, 1854. Hart came to Lafayette in 1874 as an assistant in chemistry to Prof. Thomas Messinger Drown. Hart did not have an undergraduate degree, but Lafayette awarded him an honorary B.S. in 1874. He was appointed Tutor in Chemistry in 1875. From 1876 to 1878, he held a fellowship at Johns Hopkins, and in 1879, he was awarded that university’s first Ph.D. in chemistry. Hart returned to Lafayette as Adjunct Professor of Chemistry in 1878 and named Adamson Professor in 1882. Hart founded the Journal of Analytical and Applied Chemistry in 1882. He was also editor of the Journal of the American Chemical Society from 1892-1901. Hart won the John Scott Medal of the Franklin Institute for the invention of a wax-lined bottle for storing hydrofluoric acid. He also invented the Hart condenser, used in WWI for condensing nitric acid. After his retirement from Lafayette in 1916, Hart became Vice-President and General Manager of the Clinchfield Products Co. in Johnson City, TN. Returning to Easton, PA in 1918, he founded Hart Laboratories. Earlier, Hart had co-founded the Baker and Adamson Chemical Co. On the 50th anniversary of his association with Lafayette, Hart was awarded an honorary Doctor of Laws degree. Hart died in his home in Easton on June 6, 1931.