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Fred Morgan Kirby, Sr. was a co-founder and a vice-president of F. W. Woolworth Co. He established the F. M. Kirby Foundation. Fred Kirby became one of Lafayette College’s foremost benefactors. His most significant endowments to the college were the establishment of the Fred Morgan Kirby Professorship of Civil Rights in 1921 and the construction of the Kirby Hall of Civil Rights in 1929. His financial contributions to the college continued until his death in 1940. Fred Kirby’s son, Allan Price Kirby, followed in his father’s footsteps in both business and his affiliation with Lafayette College. The Kirby Family Collection was compiled from assorted documents housed in the Kirby Museum located in Kirby Hall of Civil Rights. Most of the items relate to Fred Kirby, Sr.–these include honors, tributes, and awards that were presented to him in appreciation for his philanthropic work. The collection contains numerous newspaper clippings about Fred Kirby’s death in 1940. Other items pertain to Allan P. Kirby. These include some correspondence and newspaper clippings regarding his donations to various institutions.