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William Baxter Owen, Professor of Latin Languages and Literature, was born in Wysox, PA, on September 13, 1843, the son of Samuel and Mary Flower Owen. In 1867, Owen entered Lafayette College, where he studied under Francis A. March. Owen excelled at Lafayette, graduating first in his class. A member of Zeta Psi fraternity, he was one of the originators of the first college paper, The Lafayette Monthly, begun in 1868. He was inducted into Phi Beta Kappa. Upon graduation in 1871, he secured a position as Tutor in Greek at Lafayette. From 1874 to 1882, he served as Adjunct Professor of Greek; from 1882 to 1886, Professor of Christian Latin and Greek; and from 1886 to his retirement in 1917, Professor of Latin Language and Literature. Owen was married to Evan F. C. Peters. He died at his home in Easton, PA on December 4, 1917, and is buried in Easton Cemetery.