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Ephraim Simanton (1822-1905) was a graduate of Lafayette College in 1846. He later entered Princeton Theological Seminary and graduated in 1849. Simanton was ordained in the Newton Presbytery in 1851 and served as a pastor in Danville, New Jersey for 17 years before becoming a teacher in Vienna, New Jersey in 1867. He died in Hackettstown, New Jersey in 1905. The collection consists of 29 student compositions and one letter. Most of the compositions focus on religious studies. Other topics include writings on famous figures such as Christopher Columbus and George Washington, and social causes such as charity and the oppression of slaves and Native Americans. Some of Simanton’s works are rough drafts with corrections marked in pencil while others appear to be final copies. There is one letter from Simanton to his father inviting him to attend his essay competition for the Franklin Literary Society of which Ephraim was a member.